Scientists confirm a highly eccentric black hole merger for the first time

This artist’s concept illustrates a hierarchical scheme for the most massive binary black hole merger recorded to date. Scientists from RIT and University of Florida used advanced computer simulations to show the black holes had eccentric orbits before merging. Credit: LIGO/Caltech/MIT/R. Hurt (IPAC) For the first time, scientists believe they have detected a merger of … Read more

Over 40 Quintillion Black Holes Are in the Observable Universe, New Estimate Finds

A team of astrophysicists has calculated the number of starsBlack holes in the observable universe have a mass of 40 quintillion, which is 1% of the total ordinary matter in the universe. The researchers focus on stellar-mass black holes, the smallest known group, but note that their calculations could help address the longstanding mystery of … Read more

Saturn’s ‘Death Star’ moon might be hiding an underground ocean

During a mission to find out whether or not Saturn’s moon Mimas is geologically dead, researchers have discovered something even more surprising: “compelling evidence” of an underground ocean buried beneath the moon’s death star-like surface. Mimas may be a “hidden” ocean world, the researchers say, a discovery that, if verified, will increase the number of … Read more

Webb Space Telescope’s Mirrors Are Fully Deployed

the Complete Space Telescope Web Assembled Post a mirror this week, and observatory Obtains Mysteriously close to completing its journey to L2, where it will orbit the Sun a A million miles away from Earth. Webb moves to the second Lagrange point, a position in space that allows the telescope to use a minimum amount … Read more

Ingenuity helicopter flight stalled for first time due to unusual Mars weather

According to NASA, the creative helicopter, which was scheduled to fly into the Martian sky on January 5, was forced to postpone its 19th flight due to an unusually strong regional dust storm on Mars. Now, the team expects that trip to take place on Sunday, January 23. While Mars is smaller and has a … Read more

Radio Pulsar Binary Proves Einstein at Least 99.99% Right

Researchers conducted a 16-year experiment to challenge Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The international team looked at the stars – a pair of extreme stars called pulsars – through seven radio telescopes around the world. Credit: Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy It’s been more than a hundred years since Einstein formalized his theory of … Read more

The James Webb Space Telescope Successfully Deploys Its Mirrors

Artist rendering of the James Webb Telescopeclarification: NASA The James Webb Space Telescope is nearly ready for scientists eager to peer into the depths of space and time, but it’s also an exciting moment for all of humanity. We are now approaching the end of our most significant deployments with all 18 JWST Gold Hexagonal … Read more

Invest in Courageous, Progressive Journalism

2021 is entering its final quarter, but the struggle for democracy is far from over. While things are looking good for Joe Biden, Donald Trump’s white nationalist and hateful rhetoric has clearly taken root in the Republican Party. The fight for America will continue as Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans seek to prevent Democrats from … Read more