Russia pessimistic after U.S. responds to Putin’s demands in Ukraine standoff

The United States said it had offered a “diplomatic path forward” in the standoff with Russia over Ukraine. On Thursday, the Kremlin said it saw little grounds for optimism. With the ball now back in Moscow’s court, the West was given little immediate sign that Russian President Vladimir Putin would seek to de-escalate tensions and … Read more

Ukraine looks to civilian volunteers to help counter possible Russian invasion

Billboards along the highways in Ukraine — some showing a furious, bare-chested man with a baseball bat chasing a bear — have gone up across the country as Russian troops continue massing along its borders. They serve as recruiting tools, encouraging civilians to receive military training and join the volunteer Territorial Defense Forces to guard … Read more

27 drug smugglers killed at Jordan-Syria border, Jordanian army says

Smugglers were “backed by armed groups” who managed to flee back to Syrian territory, the spokesman said in a statement. “Large amounts of narcotics” were seized at the crime scene, he said. The army statement said they encountered smugglers on several fronts on the border with Syria and that there were multiple, coordinated operations to … Read more

Russia, U.S. keep door open to Ukraine diplomacy, but big gaps remain

Moscow says US response ignores its main concerns ‘Serious’ dialogue still possible on some topics Ukraine expects diplomacy to continue for next two weeks China calls for calm on all sides MOSCOW/WASHINGTON, Jan 27 (Reuters) – Russia said on Thursday it was clear the United States was not willing to address its main security concerns … Read more

EU Hits Back at China Over Trade Limits, Taking Lithuania Fight Global

BRUSSELS—The European Union hit back against China’s targeting of one of the bloc’s smallest members over its ties to Taiwan, opening a new front in the global battle over Beijing’s use of economic pressure to advance political objectives. The EU said Thursday that it had launched a case against China at the World Trade Organization … Read more

Russia Sends Medical Units to Ukrainian Front

Moscow has put what appear to be final preparations for an invasion of Ukraine by sending medical units to the front, moving to a level of readiness that it hadn’t reached in past buildups, according to Western defense officials. While the moves don’t mean an attack is certain, they are prerequisites for battle and have … Read more

U.S., China confer on Ukraine, urge de-escalation and calm

BEIJING/WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 (Reuters) – China told the United States on Thursday it wants all parties involved in Ukraine to remain calm and avoid mounting tensions, while Washington emphasized de-escalation and warned of the security and economic risks of Ukraine. Russian aggression. “We call on all parties to remain calm and not do anything that … Read more

NATO allies send deadly weapons, munitions to Ukraine while Germany sends 5K helmets

Germany has provided a meager donation of just 5,000 helmets and a field hospital to support Ukraine in anticipation of a possible Russian invasion, while other NATO allies deploy troops in neighboring countries and supply arms and ammunition to Ukraine itself. Diplomatic discussions stalled this week after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken provided a … Read more