Google TV could get smart home controls, fitness capabilities, and more free live TV channels

An interview with a Google TV director reveals it

Google TV may be the latest unnecessary and confusing rebranding to come out of Google, but it could bring a lot more to the table than the usual Android TV experience. According to an interview conducted by Protocol (via Android Authority), the platform could integrate smart home and fitness as early as this year.

In a conversation with Rob Caruso, director of Google TV product management, Protocol learned about other features the company wants to bring to Google TV and the big screen in your living room. Google would like to introduce better support for smart home controls, with Caruso pointing out how Android now integrates home controls directly onto the lock screen.


Another area that could see movement is fitness, with Google exploring the possibility of adding both its proprietary Fitbit and Google Fit services as well as hooks for third parties interested in the platform. We may also see more video conferencing software on Google TV, after the launch of Duo. Caruso says Zoom could be a possible candidate.

Google is also working to get more programs into Google TV’s selection of free live TV channels. Caruso sees them as a crucial part of the out-of-the-box Google TV experience, giving new owners a wide selection of content available to them even when they don’t subscribe to any streaming service.

Caruso also talked about other aspects of Google TV. For one, the company is expanding its footprint worldwide, with more than 250 device partners. Most of them run devices using Android TV, not Google TV (which is technically a launcher on top of Android TV), but Google would prefer to steer partners toward the full Google experience eventually. However, Android TV is still not going anywhere.

On the other hand, Caruso explained how he wants to work with content providers in the future and hopes to see improvements with some companies that have so far not supported universal search and watchlist. Google TV, like Netflix. Google is also still finding the right balance between in-app functionality and system-wide capabilities. “Not everything at the application level has to be brought to the system, whereas everything at the system level doesn’t have to be application-level functionality,” Caruso said.

Caruso didn’t provide concrete dates for the launch of any of these features, but he told Protocol that the company will hopefully “release sometime later this year” so that we don’t. may not have to wait too long to progress.

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