Rumor that Bandai Namco is making a new Killer Instinct in Japan is circulating, Maximilian offers details and speculation

Microsoft’s 2013 reboot of Killer Instinct wasn’t the most popular fighting game, but it’s consistently hailed as one of the genre’s most successful entries in modern times.

From gameplay to netcode, the fact that KI receives such passionate praise on a regular basis makes one wonder if any developers might be willing to give it another shot, and there are rumors currently circulating that this might be the case.

Content creator and influencer FGC Maximilian, a huge Killer Instinct fan who launched a “bring back KI” campaign in 2019, takes a speculative look at these rumors in his latest video.

Such rumblings began in October last year when Xbox launcher Shpeshal Nick said he was told a new KI was in active development on the XboxEra Podcast. This has of course neither been confirmed nor debunked, but other alleged details are starting to emerge.

In his video, Max references a Windows Central article written by Jez Corden. Windows Central is a Microsoft-focused outlet and Corden is its editor, and after talking about the October XboxEra reviews, Corden offers us the following:

“I’ve also heard the vaguest of unsubstantiated rumors that one of Bandai Namco’s fighting game development teams may be involved, though I haven’t been able to independently verify that yet. or building a team with the specific expertise to make a fighting game was difficult

“Naturally, Bandai Namco is responsible for franchises like Soulcalibur and Tekken, and even contributed to Smash Bros. Ultimate. It would make sense to get them involved if indeed Microsoft plans to revive the classic fighter.”

Max skims through the article while speculating on the potential for the leaks as well as how they would actually manifest if true. Hear everything he has to say in the full video below, then share your thoughts on the possibility of a new KI in the comments below.


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