PlayStation’s Best-Selling Series Of 2021 Could Become Xbox-Exclusive

Screenshot: Activision The NDP group published its annual game sales tally for 2021 today, right around the very second Microsoft announced it would buy mega-publisher Activision Blizzard for around Luxembourg’s GDP. The best-selling console game for 2021 was the same as it almost is all year: the last Call of Duty Game. Oh-oh, PlayStation. Yes, … Read more

Director Behind Halloween, John Carpenter, Loves Halo Infinite

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg (Getty Images) John Carpenter played Infinite Halo, the latest game in the long-running Xbox franchise, and he loved it. In fact, the famous director called it the “Best of the Halo series” in a recent tweet. Last night Carpenter tweeted a short but very positive review of the latest Halo game. “INFINITE … Read more

Konami NFT Auction Racks Up Over $160k In Sales In One Day

Picture: Konami / Kotaku Konami has entered the NFT economy, also known as the hottest grift in the world right now. Yesterday, during an auction on OpenSea, the publisher launched its “Konami Memorial NFT Collection” and sold 14 objects created to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Castlevania series. Somehow Someone Decided To Spend Over … Read more

Crytek Forces PC Modder To Remove Crysis Photo Mode Mods

A popular PC modder who created unofficial photo modes for various PC games has been hit with a cease and desist letter by Crysis Crytek developer. Now, after threats of legal action from the German studio, the modder has chose to remove mods he created for Crytek games from his Patreon page. Read more: Crytek … Read more