Germany’s Reliance on Russian Gas Limits Europe’s Options in Ukraine Crisis

BERLIN – Germany’s reliance on Russian gas has left Europe without options to impose sanctions on Moscow if it invades Ukraine – and is itself vulnerable if Russia cuts gas exports to the West. A two-decade-old decision to phase out nuclear power and more recent measures to reduce dependence on coal in an effort to … Read more

Texas pipeline company threatens to cut off fuel to major power generator

Subscribe to The Brief, our daily newsletter that keeps readers up to date on the most essential news from Texas. With frigid weather hitting Texas later this week, subsidiaries of a major pipeline company are threatening to cut off natural gas supplies to the state’s largest power generator, potentially affecting electricity supplies for hundreds of … Read more

Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Deal to Power Its Netflix-of-Gaming Aspirations

Microsoft Body MSFT 1.87% Acquisition of Activision Blizzard Inc. ATVI -0.18% aims to shake up the gaming industry by expanding the software giant’s library of hit video games and strengthening its efforts to attract consumers to its cloud gaming service. The anticipated $75 billion deal would be Microsoft’s biggest ever and its most ambitious investment … Read more

Study Finds Protein Structures That Could Be Responsible For The Origins of Life

The question of how life first arose on our planet is one we haven’t yet fully answered, but science is getting closer all the time — and a new study identifies the structures of the proteins that may have caused this to happen. First of all, the team behind the study decided to start from … Read more

Russia-Ukraine crisis could spark rise in Europe’s gas prices

Rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine have cast a shadow over energy markets, and the uncertainty could spell a prolonged period of high gas prices for Europe, analysts say. “It’s a very tight gas market…and there’s no doubt that this sense of impending crisis with Russia and Ukraine is hanging over the market as well, … Read more

How HIFO accounting reduces IRS bill

Bitcoin is down about 36% from its all-time high in November, but the drop has a silver lining, thanks to a quirk in the tax code that helps crypto holders shield their earnings from the IRS. The IRS treats cryptocurrencies as property, which means that every time you spend, trade, or sell your tokens, you … Read more

Take a Look at The Largest And Most Detailed 3D Map of The Universe Ever Made

The Dark Energy Spectroscopy (DESI) instrument, currently pointed at the sky from its home at the Nicholas U Mayol Telescope at Kate Peak National Observatory in Arizona, is tasked with mapping the expansion of space, investigating dark energy, and creating the most detailed three-dimensional map of the universe put together. It’s only been seven months … Read more

U.S. grocery shortages deepen as pandemic dries supplies

Jan 14 (Reuters) – High demand for groceries combined with high freight costs and Omicron-related labor shortages are creating a new round of delays at processed food and fresh produce companies, leading to empty supermarket shelves at major US retailers. Producers of perishables across the West Coast are paying nearly triple pre-pandemic freight rates to … Read more