U.S. Allows Baltic NATO Members to Send Arms to Ukraine

WASHINGTON — The US has authorized three Baltic NATO members to send US-made weapons to Ukraine, US officials said. The decision allows Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia to send Javelin anti-tank weapons and Stinger air defense systems to the Ukrainian armed forces. The Biden administration has also informed Congress that it plans to provide Ukraine with … Read more

South Africa study shows boosters failed to block omicron, bolstering case for face masks, distancing and hand washing

A study of some of the early breakthrough cases of COVID-19 caused by the highly infectious omicron variant found that booster shots of mRNA vaccines failed to block this strain, although the infections did not involve only mild or moderate symptoms, confirming that they are effective in preventing serious illness and death. The study involved … Read more

Report on sexual abuse in German diocese faults retired pope

BERLIN — A long-awaited report on sexual abuse in the German diocese of Munich on Thursday accused the retired Pope Benedict XVI of handling four cases when he was archbishop in the 1970s and 1980s. The law firm that prepared the report said Benedict strongly denies any allegation. However, the findings caused criticism of Benedict’s … Read more

Biden Concedes Covid-19 Frustrations, Sees Path for Stalled Bill, Warns Russia on Ukraine

WASHINGTON — President Biden said he would likely have to break his stalled health, education and climate agenda in hopes of getting his policies through Congress, saying he suspects Moscow will invade Ukraine, warning that Russia will have an “expensive price” would pay if that were the case. The president defended his policies and his … Read more

Blinken Seeks to Reassure Ukraine as Russia Moves Troops in Region

The top diplomat of the Biden administration tried to reassure the Ukrainian president with united support from the West, but warned that Russia could invade as concerns mounted over Moscow’s deployment of troops in Belarus, which borders Ukraine. “We made it very clear to Moscow that if it chooses to renew its aggression against Ukraine, … Read more

Credit Suisse’s António Horta-Osório Lost Board Support Over Covid-19 Rules Breach

Came to fix Credit Suisse Group AG broken culture. Then he became part of the problem. António Horta-Osório expected a slap on the wrist on Sunday from Credit Suisse CS 0.38% board for breaking coronavirus quarantine rules on travel to events, according to people familiar with his departure. Instead, he had to leave his job … Read more

Up to three-quarters of the $800 billion PPP flowed to business owners instead of workers, study finds

The benefits of the landmark small business relief program designed at the height of the pandemic went primarily to business owners rather than workers, according to a study by leading economists. The study by authors including famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology economics professor David Autor, as well as several Federal Reserve economists, examined the $800 … Read more

Rolls-Royce, Bentley, BMW Sales Surge as Cheaper Brands Lag Behind

BERLIN—A surge in luxury car sales and a shift from scarce semiconductors to more profitable vehicles helped many automakers post solid profits last year, even as core vehicle sales lagged and disruptions in the supply chain paralyzed car production. Faced with the double whammy of the pandemic and shortages of chips and other components, most … Read more

Pacific tsunami threat recedes, volcano ash hinders response

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — The tsunami threat around the Pacific Ocean from a massive undersea volcanic eruption eased Sunday, but the massive ash cloud covering the tiny island of Tonga prevented surveillance flights from New Zealand to assess the extent of the damage. Satellite images showed the spectacular eruption Saturday night, with a plume of … Read more