South Africa study shows boosters failed to block omicron, bolstering case for face masks, distancing and hand washing

A study of some of the early breakthrough cases of COVID-19 caused by the highly infectious omicron variant found that booster shots of mRNA vaccines failed to block this strain, although the infections did not involve only mild or moderate symptoms, confirming that they are effective in preventing serious illness and death. The study involved … Read more

An aging retina could reveal if you’re at risk of an early death: study

A marker in your eye could reveal whether you’re at risk of premature death, scientists say. Their discovery means they could predict who could die in a decade before any obvious signs of poor health. Researchers say the retina, the tissue at the back of the eye, can give clues to a person’s health. Damage … Read more

PCR vs. antigen tests: Which you should take after having Covid-19

PCR – or reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction – tests can detect small amounts of coronavirus genetic material in a sample taken from a human. The test then works by amplifying or making copies of that genetic material, if any, present in a person’s sample, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The … Read more

What comes next in the COVID pandemic?

What’s next for the COVID pandemic? The simple truth is that we don’t know yet. The omicron push will end and cases will fall back to lower levels. But what happens next will depend on several factors. Dr. Paul Offit, a member of the FDA’s Vaccine Advisory Committee, thinks omicron will soon be on the … Read more

Binge Watching TV Linked to Risk of Serious Blood Clots

Photo: Photo by Schoening/ullstein (Getty Images) Buzzing your favorite series isn’t so good for your traffic, suggests a new research review. The study found that people who regularly watched four or more hours of television a day were more likely to develop a blood clotting disease that can lead to serious health problems and even … Read more

More people died of drug-resistant bacterial infections in 2019 than HIV or malaria, new study suggests

The study, published Wednesday in the journal The Lancet, suggests that if all drug-resistant bacterial infections had not occurred that year, 4.95 million deaths could have been prevented in 2019, and if all If drug-resistant bacterial infections were replaced by infections that could have been properly treated, 1.27 million lives could have been saved. Antimicrobial … Read more

Biden Concedes Covid-19 Frustrations, Sees Path for Stalled Bill, Warns Russia on Ukraine

WASHINGTON — President Biden said he would likely have to break his stalled health, education and climate agenda in hopes of getting his policies through Congress, saying he suspects Moscow will invade Ukraine, warning that Russia will have an “expensive price” would pay if that were the case. The president defended his policies and his … Read more

Vaccination protects against Covid-19 hospitalization significantly more than prior infection, according to CDC study

“Although the epidemiology of COVID-19 may change as new variants emerge, vaccination remains the safest strategy to prevent future SARS-CoV-2 infections, hospitalizations, long-term sequelae, and death,” the researchers wrote. The researchers analyzed the risk of Covid-19 infection and hospitalization among four groups of individuals: vaccinated with and without previous infection and unvaccinated with and without … Read more

Something in Your Eyes May Reveal if You’re at Risk of Early Death, Study Shows

A quick and painless scan of the human eyeball could one day help doctors identify “rapid aging,” which poses an increased risk of early mortality. Aging obviously has an impact on everyone’s body, but just because two people have the same number of years under their belt doesn’t mean they physically decline at the same … Read more

Your eyes hold the key to your true biological age, study finds

Dry eyes can be a sign of rheumatoid arthritis. High cholesterol levels can cause a white, gray or blue ring to form around the colored part of your eye, called the iris. A coppery gold ring surrounding the iris is a key sign of Wilson’s disease, a rare genetic condition that causes copper to build … Read more