NASA Works to Dislodge Pebbles Stuck in Perseverance Rover

NASA engineers implemented a plan to remove some debris on the persistent rover that prevented it from properly caching rock samples. The team expects to find out how the cleanup job goes later today. the The case arose On December 29, when a Martian rock sample (taken from a rock called Isol) could not be … Read more

Earth’s Insides Are Cooling Faster Than We Thought, And It Will Mess Things Up

Earth formed 4.5 billion years ago or so. Since then, the air has been slowly cooling inside. While surface and atmospheric temperatures fluctuate over the course of eons (and yes, external temperatures are currently rising), the molten interior—the beating heart of our planet—has been cooling all this time. This is not a simple metaphor. A … Read more

Pebbles Before Mountains – NASA Mars

NASA’s Mars 2020 mission team is working methodically and comprehensively, making good progress in understanding the best path forward to remove unwanted pebbles from a persistent circle. Over the previous weekend, and earlier this week, operational sequences were developed and tested to remove these rock-hard intruders. After the ground trials were completed, we began implementing … Read more