Vampire Survivors’ Castlevania Vibes Are Hard To Miss

Picture: pig For the past few days I’ve been engrossed in a game called vampire survivors. It’s not expensive, both in terms of price (only $3) and presentation (giant buttons that seem more suited to mobile than PC), while obviously drawing most of its aesthetic inspiration from Castlevania series. But I can’t get enough of … Read more

Pokémon Go Trading Halted After Player Gets Extremely Lucky

Picture: Niantic Niantic, makers of Pokemon Go, recently disabled trading in its popular augmented reality game after a bug was discovered that gave a player a bunch of “lucky” Pokemon via trading (h/t Nintendo’s life). According to a Reddit post published yesterday afternoon, a user named AndKrem was able to amass 100 lucky pokemon in … Read more

PlayStation’s Best-Selling Series Of 2021 Could Become Xbox-Exclusive

Screenshot: Activision The NDP group published its annual game sales tally for 2021 today, right around the very second Microsoft announced it would buy mega-publisher Activision Blizzard for around Luxembourg’s GDP. The best-selling console game for 2021 was the same as it almost is all year: the last Call of Duty Game. Oh-oh, PlayStation. Yes, … Read more

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fans Want a New Mario Moveset

Since his debut in 1981, Mario has been Nintendo’s most iconic character. The mustachioed mascot has appeared in countless games over the years, including the Super Smash Bros. series. The character was one of 12 to appear in the first game, and has been in every entry through Super Smash Bros Ultimate. While Mario has … Read more

Why Is Pandemic Digital Game Not Available On Steam Anymore?

Picture: Asmodee / Z-Man Games / Kotaku The digital version of the board game Pandemic disappeared from Steam after being quietly delisted on January 6. And it will be removed from other digital storefronts throughout the year. His the publisher, Asmodee, has not yet explained why beyond a vague statement that the game is being … Read more