Biden Concedes Covid-19 Frustrations, Sees Path for Stalled Bill, Warns Russia on Ukraine

WASHINGTON — President Biden said he would likely have to break his stalled health, education and climate agenda in hopes of getting his policies through Congress, saying he suspects Moscow will invade Ukraine, warning that Russia will have an “expensive price” would pay if that were the case. The president defended his policies and his … Read more

Blinken Seeks to Reassure Ukraine as Russia Moves Troops in Region

The top diplomat of the Biden administration tried to reassure the Ukrainian president with united support from the West, but warned that Russia could invade as concerns mounted over Moscow’s deployment of troops in Belarus, which borders Ukraine. “We made it very clear to Moscow that if it chooses to renew its aggression against Ukraine, … Read more

Ancient Meteorite Doesn’t Carry Evidence of Life on Mars, New Study Says

There may still be evidence of life on Mars – but the possibility of that evidence inside a 4-billion-year-old meteorite that crashed to Earth decades ago is getting slimmer. The organic compounds in the rock formed 4 pounds of water, possibly brackish or hypersaline, flowing through the meteorite, according to a study published Thursday in … Read more