Credit Suisse’s António Horta-Osório Lost Board Support Over Covid-19 Rules Breach

Came to fix Credit Suisse Group AG broken culture. Then he became part of the problem. António Horta-Osório expected a slap on the wrist on Sunday from Credit Suisse CS 0.38% board for breaking coronavirus quarantine rules on travel to events, according to people familiar with his departure. Instead, he had to leave his job … Read more

Up to three-quarters of the $800 billion PPP flowed to business owners instead of workers, study finds

The benefits of the landmark small business relief program designed at the height of the pandemic went primarily to business owners rather than workers, according to a study by leading economists. The study by authors including famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology economics professor David Autor, as well as several Federal Reserve economists, examined the $800 … Read more

Rolls-Royce, Bentley, BMW Sales Surge as Cheaper Brands Lag Behind

BERLIN—A surge in luxury car sales and a shift from scarce semiconductors to more profitable vehicles helped many automakers post solid profits last year, even as core vehicle sales lagged and disruptions in the supply chain paralyzed car production. Faced with the double whammy of the pandemic and shortages of chips and other components, most … Read more

Ancient Meteorite Doesn’t Carry Evidence of Life on Mars, New Study Says

There may still be evidence of life on Mars – but the possibility of that evidence inside a 4-billion-year-old meteorite that crashed to Earth decades ago is getting slimmer. The organic compounds in the rock formed 4 pounds of water, possibly brackish or hypersaline, flowing through the meteorite, according to a study published Thursday in … Read more