Foxhole Players Are Going On Strike Over Logistics Problems

Foxhole logistics players keep frontline troops equippedScreenshot: foxhole foxhole is a top-down shooter where players can take on various roles in massive battles, one of these roles being logistics, which involves manufacturing the weapons used in combat. A group of these players are currently on strike, saying “we believe Foxhole shouldn’t have a gaming experience … Read more

Cam Reddish will have to earn minutes

ATLANTA — Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau met with Cam Reddish at a hotel here before the game Saturday night against the Hawks. If Thibodeau told Reddish what he subsequently told reporters, the former Hawk hasn’t been promised anything in a crowded Knicks rotation. The Knicks traded for Reddish without parting with a player in the … Read more

Study: Sensible intermittent fasting can be good for heart health

Orem’s Celeste Allred finds that a regular and sensible fasting schedule improves her overall health. (Heather Simonsen, KSL-TV) Estimated reading time: 2-3 minutes OREM — Have you ever wondered how effective intermittent fasting is? The hot diet trend may have health benefits far beyond weight loss, researchers say. Until recent changes in her eating habits, … Read more

US judge bars Martin Shkreli from drug industry, orders $64.6 million payment

A US judge on Friday barred Martin Shkreli from the pharmaceutical industry for life and ordered him to pay $64.6 million after he raised the price of the drug Daraprim and fought to block generic competitors. (Carlo Allegri, Reuters) Estimated reading time: 2-3 minutes WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. judge Friday barred Martin Shkreli from … Read more